# Application settings

By default, Office Tool Plus automatic match system language and dark mode.

If the language can not match, the English (United States) is used by default.

# Save settings to local

Check it will save application settings, such as language, theme and background image settings.

# Background

Blur and Acrylic only supported on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

You can set local image as the background, PNG, JPG and BMP is supported.

If you want to set a web image, use /setImage command instead. Get more information about command.

# Language display name

By default, Office Tool Plus displays the native name of languages.

  • Normal: Display in default format.
  • Native name: Display the native name of languages.
  • English name: Display the languages name in English.
  • Localized name: Display according to the system language setting. If your system language is English, all of the languages will display in English.

Language names are data provided by Windows and may be displayed differently by different versions of Windows.


To change the language display name to normal, you need to restart application to take effect.

# Advanced features

By checking it, Office Tool Plus will loading the internel channels and products, such as Dogfood channel and Mondo 2016 product.