# Toolbox

Toolbox can help you solve Office problems, but we cannot guarantee that these tools are 100% effective. In some severe cases, you may need to reinstall Windows to fix problems.

# Change Office update channel

You can change the Office update channel and upgrade/downgrade without Office installation.


You can't change Office update channel for Office 2019/2021 Volume products.

# Check KMS status

By default, Office Tool Plus uses a TCP connection to test the KMS host, it cannot detect that the KMS host is working properly or not.

If Office Tool Plus detects a vlmcs component, it uses vlmcs for testing, including latency and activation results.

Click here to get vlmcs (opens new window).

# Remove Office

Support for removing all versions of Office.

If something went wrong, you can try again later, or delete the files manually.

For more information, see Uninstall Office from a PC (opens new window)